Our Aims

The Sikh Community Centre’s prime aim is to provide social, multicultural, sporting, educational and recreational services, which will help to enhance the skills and self esteem of its members in a safe and engaging environment.

The Sikh Community Centre provides educational and social inclusion programmes for those who are vulnerable within our community, for example, the young people, who feel that they do not have access to employment, higher education or training opportunities. We provide facilities for the elderly and those who are unable to communicate in the English language and especially with learning disabilities.


First point of contact for those service users whose first language isn’t English
⦁ Benefits Forms: Queries, form filling, and telephone call relating to claiming for new benefits or updating information for their current claims.
⦁ Hospitals, dentists, doctors appointments: arranging, amending, booking transport to and from appointments, support in registering with new practices.
⦁ External Companies: We liaise with Job Centres and DWP when dealing with general enquiries or updating information.
⦁ Utility Companies: We liaise with utility companies when service users need to change address, give metre readings, make payments or would like to move to a new company.

Support with Driving Licence/Vehicle Queries

⦁ Filling in forms/vehicle documents
⦁ Booking tests
⦁ Ordering the correct revision guides
⦁ Finding insurance deals via Internet
⦁ Telephone calls to insurance companies
Letter writing/Reading
Support service users by reading letters and translating the content for them. Letters can be for Housing Associations, solicitors, character references, job applications, appeals against a decision i.e. schools etc.

Visa Services/Immigration Services

⦁ Offer advice about the visa’s available depending on the user’s circumstances
⦁ Support in filling out the correct forms
⦁ OCI visa, Transfer of visa’s, E visa’s for India
⦁ EEA (FM, QP, PR) Forms
⦁ Surrender of Indian passports
⦁ Support with filling in forms for those who wish to apply for Indefinite Stay/nationality – AN, NTL, FLR (OM) forms
⦁ Renewing or applying for passports (Indian/British)


The Gym is a service offered to men and women on a rota basis. It consists of treadmills, weights, benches, steppers, rowing machines, sauna and other equipment for service users to use. We have users from all different backgrounds. It’s an opportunity especially for women to come away from their daily chores and have some time for them self.

ESOL Classes (English Classes)

⦁ Work in partnership with other training agencies
⦁ Fully qualified tutors
⦁ Classes are offered to a wide age range
⦁ It’s a stepping stone for those who will eventually apply for permanent stay in the UK and look for employment
⦁ Basic English skills that will help them speak, read or write

Roseberry Pre-School

⦁ Offers a warm, friendly and stimulating environment
⦁ Ofsted rated good
⦁ Friendly and qualified staff
⦁ Caters for children from the age of 2 years onwards.
⦁ Provides Stay & Play for 0 to 4 years olds
⦁ Workshops for parents/carers.
⦁ Provide school holiday and after school care.
⦁ Open from 7am till 6pm Monday to Friday

East Park Activity Group

EPAG assists adults with learning difficulties to participate fully within the community and overcome social isolation. This participation is achieved via activities and opportunities arranged for the group to promote development. East park activity group has been running successfully from many years, where the service users get the chance to meet people in the community and take part in the indoor/outdoor activities such as arts and crafts club, exercise sessions, computer sessions, indoor ball games, football and cricket club in the park. All service users are picked up and dropped back off at their residence.